Cat Exams and Wellness Care in Berkley, MI

Similar to a human physical, your cat needs a bi-annual check up as well! At Berkley Animal Hospital, we believe preventative medicine is the best medicine.  Our feline kids are even better at hiding signs of illness than our canine kids. In addition, they traditionally have longer lifespans so catching underlying disease early is important to their health.

In addition to physicals and annual fecal/deworming, we also recommend regular wellness bloodwork and urinalysis to help our team monitor the health of your kitty. Monitoring blood pressures, thyroid levels and BNP levels ( A new blood test to catch early heart disease ) are all important things to keep your cat in the best health.

At Berkley Animal Hospital we love cats and strive to make our facility as feline friendly as possible.  We maintain a feline only examination room with an iCalm cat music player and Feliway calming pheromones to make your cat’s visit as stress free as we can.

Does my cat need vaccines, or any prevention?

Our team focuses on preventative care which is often overlooked in our feline companions.  

The most important part of a yearly plan is a complete physical exam. We taper vaccine protocols in cats to meet the unique circumstances of each feline patient in our care.

We provide the following vaccines to our feline friends :FVRCP, 3 year FVRCP, FeLV, Rabies, and PureVax Rabies vaccination . We also recommend year round heartworm and flea prevention, and screening lab work and urinalysis  to keep your feline family members healthy and happy.

Don’t forget that cats do not make their own Omega 3 fatty acids so supplementing your kitty is an important part of wellness.

We understand that each cat is unique;  therefore, we tailor recommendations to best meet the needs of each individual cat.

My cat doesn’t go outside, does he/she still need prevention?

Yes! Just because your cat is an indoor cat, doesn’t mean that a mosquito or tick is an outdoor pest. With prevention being a more affordable option than treatment, and one that will save your cats life, we strongly recommend giving your feline friend year round flea and heartworm preventative. This will also help to deworm your kitty which is recommended yearly by the CDC ( Center for Disease Control ) to protect their human owners.

Wait, I thought only dogs get heartworm?

That is a common misconception. If the animal can get bit by a mosquito then the animal can get heartworm. But unlike canine, feline heartworm is nearly an untreatable disease with cardiovascular surgery to remove the worm the only treatment option, but it is preventable! Giving your cat year round heartworm prevention can save your kitty’s life! More indoor cats are positive every year for heartworm than outdoor cats.

Cats do not have 9 lives when it comes to feline heartworm disease!

Help! I’m not sure what resources are true and what is fake news! Who/what sites should I trust for information?

Under our resources section you can find veterinary approved blogs, videos, and articles.

You will also find updates and current trends on our social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I still have questions what should I do?

Give us a call at (248) 545-4933 and a client ambassador or member of our veterinary team will be able to answer any questions you may have!

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