What is orthopedic medicine?

Orthopedic medicine is a branch of medicine concerning the musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones).

Wait…my pet has elbows…and knees?

Yes! Similar to how humans have multiple joints and bones to build up your skeleton, your pet has the same. Your pet, though built differently, can still get similar joint and muscle problems, for example, a torn cruciate ligament or a luxated patella.

What kind of diagnosis would classify under Orthopedic Advanced Surgery?

An orthopedic procedure can be anything to do with bones or muscles. So that could be hip and joint problems as well as fractures and amputations. Advanced: Some pets with torn cruciate ligaments, luxating patellas, fractures, cancer and hip dysplasia are all possible candidates for orthopedic surgery.


This service is available from our friends over at Animal Hospital of Chesterfield or Macomb Center Veterinary Hospital.

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